Calabar Tragedy! At Least 30 Electrocuted at Football Viewing Center

At least 30 people have been reportedly electrocuted at a football viewing center in Calabar after a high tension cable crashed on the structure. Credit: Joe Battles

About 30 football fans are now feared dead in the south-southern Nigerian city of Calabar after a high tension cable reportedly fell, leading to their electrocution late on Thursday.

It is understood that the fans were gathered at a viewing centre in Atimbo area of Calabar to watch the Uefa Europa League game between Manchester United and RSC Anderlecht.





The live high tension cable reportedly broke off from its anchor and fell on the viewing centre which housed the fans causing panic.




The exact official figure of casualties still cannot be ascertained but around 30 people are reported to have been killed in the incident.




Culled from Super Sports


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