Cristiano Ronaldo’s former Beau Kim Kardashian hits 100million IG Followers ( He got those figures in May 2017)

Cristiano Ronaldo and Kim Kardashian were an item some time ago | Getty Images

Once upon a time Cristiano Ronaldo and Kim Kardashian had a thing.

But the two have since moved on like it never happened, yet, their fame and perhaps fortune have steadily risen, however not at a parallel rate.

Kim Kardashian West’s net worth is put at $150 million; small cheese compared to what the Portuguese star is worth – $400.

The two still have a lot in common though, including their obsession for good looks and more recently, their Instagram followers have hit 100 million.

Credit: Pop Sugar

Per Mail Online, Some ‘unflattering’ bikini shots recently cost her 100,000 fans.

But Kim Kardashian bounced back on Thursday by finally cracking the 100million followers mark on Instagram.

‘Can’t believe I reached 100 million Instagram followers, all thanks to YOU! Get the stories behind my top pics,’ she tweeted, posting a link to her website with a breakdown of her top five Instas.

The 36-year-old became only the sixth ever person to reach the milestone.

Selena Gomez, currently the most followed person on Instagram with more than 120million devotees, was first do do so in September of last year.

Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift and Beyonce are also in the club, while Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo is the only non-American, non-female with a membership.

Instagram’s own Instagram account meanwhile remains by far the most followed account overall, with 223million.


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