Everyday for the Thief! Burglar picked wrong house when he broke into home of professional BOXER

Boxer, Craig Kennedy
Credit: Wales News Service | Mail Sport

A prolific burglar got more than he bargained for when he broke into the house of a professional boxer.

Craig Kennedy, a 6ft 3in Boxer, was at home asleep with his girlfriend and six-month-old son when they were woken by noises at around 5.30am.

He went downstairs in his boxer shorts and saw the burglar, David Large, standing outside.

Mr Kennedy saw the man run off and gave chase, shouting to his girlfriend to stay in the bedroom and lock the door.

After eventually catching up with Large, the boxer grabbed him and put him in a sleeper hold until police arrived.

He said: ‘As I went into the kitchen, I could see a white male with a towel against the kitchen window and a hammer to try and put through the double glazing,’ he said.

‘How he expected to do that quietly I don’t know. He was standing there white as a ghost. I don’t think he had signed up for this.

‘He jumped over a seven foot wall with nails sticking out of the top. I was still in family protection mode, so I jumped over it as well.

The Welsh cruiserweight boxer said: ‘He came towards me and it looked like he was going for his pocket, so I got him in a sleeper hold. I was wrapped round him like an anaconda.’

Culled from Mail


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