Manchester United star Paul Pogba Travelling the World on his own Personalised Private Jet with Adidas

The Manchester United man has been jetting around on his own branded adidas plane

Paul Pogba just arrived in the South American country last night after travelling across the Pacific on his own personalised private jet from China, all in the name of promoting both Manchester United, adidas and, of course, himself.

The 24-year-old broke new boundaries earlier this season when he became the first footballer to have his own brand of emoticon on Twitter, and now he has taken his excessive branding into the lucrative bedding market.

In his latest Instagram post, the Manchester United star revealed the all new ‘Pogpillow’, which is a black pillow with his special ‘double P’ logo embroidered on it.

Paul Pogba poses with his ‘Pogpillow’ as he arrives in Colombia as part of his world tour

Whether this is a one-off or will be available for purchase for his most loyal fans is unknown but Pogba himself seemed pretty attached to it, keeping it close by as he arrived in Colombia.

Writing about his new piece of merchandise, Pogba said simply: ‘Just so you can say Pogpillow #holidays #colombia.’

Pogba’s travels around China have also seen him dab on the country’s famous Great Wall



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