Emotions In Football and Why Play Football?

Emotions In Football and Why Play Football?

Soccer generates different and varied emotions both in the players themselves and in the team fans. We have identified and classified what we consider to be the six most common emotions in games. Those six emotions are euphoria, frustration, sadness, madness, joy, and passion.

Topbets.com.ng briefly explains each emotion, as we understand it in football, the reaction it generates in the human body, and an example in which each emotion is reflected.

Below we explain how we understand what each emotion feels in situations related to football:


Euphoria in soccer is felt in situations similar to those in which happiness is felt, although the euphoria is more intense and profound. But euphoria is an emotion with a shorter duration than happiness; usually, it is limited to moments after the event. The most common situations are when the fan encourages scores of an important goal or when a title is won.


Frustration in football occurs when the fan sees his team achieve neither the established objectives nor what they expect the team to be capable of. Frustration among soccer fans is a common state because soccer is a competition, which implicitly implies winning or losing. Therefore it can be said that, although not always, it is an emotion that goes hand in hand with defeat.


This emotion is experienced by all the people of one of the two teams that face each other; that is, it is an emotion experienced by both the players and the entire coaching staff, and the fans. When the team wins a game or achieves its goals at the end of the season, be it a title, maintain the category, or promote, joy is usually one of the emotions felt by people linked to that club.


While the people related to a team experience joy, the people of the defeated team experience sadness. As we have said before, this can be for different reasons. It could be for losing a game or for not achieving the goals set at the end of the season.


Passion is also an emotion that is closely linked to football. This is an emotion that is more related to the fans, although there are also a few players who are passionate about the colors they defend (for example, Francesco Totti). The countries with which the parties are most passionate could be both Argentina and England.


Madness is an emotion that occurs in football without thinking about the consequences that the acts that you are doing under that emotion can have. Mostly it is an emotion developed by fans who are capable of doing anything for their team.

Why Play Football?

If you are tempted to play soccer, and yet you do not know anything about it, you should know that there are many reasons why all football lovers play it. Nevertheless, affection and passion for football remain the primary motivations for players and fans.

Indeed, each gesture, each glance, and each movement can be appreciated during a football match. The player, thanks his training sessions, will translate the reflex movements into controlled movements. The result guarantees a show that provides a lot of sensations. So here are some other reasons why to play football.

Football, an Easily Accessible Sport

In France, there are more than two million licensees. This is to tell you that it is easy to access a soccer field and practice. All you need is a jersey, shorts, football boots, suitable socks, and shin guards to play.

Play Football Because It’s Fun

Beyond its competitive aspect, football is also a unique distraction that only practitioners can experience. After a big day, a game of football with friends will indeed help to forget the stress. It also allows everyone to express themselves freely through effort and to spend a surplus of energy.

To Maintain Shape

Indeed, many amateur practitioners play football to maintain their physical condition. The lower body will then be the most stressed part of the body. Abrupt starts and changes of direction, as well as possible contact with opponents, will give you concrete thighs and calves.

By shooting, controlling the ball, in short handling, the ball, your abdominals, and your hip muscles will also gain in volume. Add to that better breath, good endurance, excellent speed, and you will have an idea of what the benefits of football will be on your body. But still, the muscles worked by football are sure to adjust incorrect posture.

Play Football to Improve Relationships

The social character of football is undeniable. Moreover, it is a team sport. It is played as a team following the rules and fair play. This will adjust the moral behavior within society. On the other hand, the sportsmanship that will emanate from a football game will strengthen your bonds of friendship with your teammates and your opponents. How many times have we seen supporters hugging each other and yet supporting a different team? To make friends, playing football is the ideal solution.

Play Soccer Because It’s a Passion

Many people have known football since their childhood. Keeping in mind the great matches and the great players who marked their existence, these people play football out of a pure passion for the game.

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