FIFA Decided to Extend a 2-Year Ban on Chizoba Christopher

FIFA Decided to Extend a 2-Year Ban on Chizoba Christopher

The most well-known football association, the Federation Internationale de Football Association, also known as FIFA, is one of the central governing bodies in soccer. It includes many members and staff, including coaches, judges, central committee organs, and much more. Basically, nowadays, it is one of the most respectful and most recognizable soccer associations in the world.

Also, there are lots of administrative duties in the sports world that FIFA must effectively perform. For example, it is the main governing organ that decides whether to put sanctions or ban any soccer player or not. And in this article, we would like to share information about one of the banned soccer players from Nigeria, Chizoba Christopher. So please, keep reading if you would like to know more.

Additional Details about the Ban of Chizoba Christopher

A soccer player contract is one of the most critical documents that every football player signs with their clubs before starting any professional career. Among other paragraphs, it contains a set of rules which might not be violated under any circumstances. If a soccer player breaks any of those rules, he will most definitely lose contact with his club. Still, in some cases, the outcomes might be even worse. This is what happened to previously Bangladesh-based Nigerian soccer player Chizoba Christopher. Now, he lost any possibility to participate in any professional matches worldwide.

Originally, Chizoba Christopher was banned only from playing in soccer matches on the territory of Bangladesh. The best betting sites in Nigeria and experts at were rumbling about this ban. But unfortunately, FIFA decided to extend Chizoba Christopher a veto for any participation in soccer games on the 26th of September one year ago. Initially, this ban was clamped on the Nigerian soccer player by the Appeals Committee of the Bangladesh Football Federation. The main reasons for such a decision were the following:

  • Breach of contractual agreements with his club
  • Few violations of soccer rules in the past

Unfortunately, there is no exact information in free access on the Internet regarding the precise kind of contractual agreements’ violations made by Chizoba Christopher. But, in any case, as a result, the football player will lose any access to participate in any professional match, which FIFA would manage. Still, most definitely, Chizoba Christopher will have a possibility to be a football trainer, attend football matches as a viewer, and keep his media activity as a football star.

Official Details from FIFA and Bangladesh Football Federation

It’s important to know that the veto for participation in any soccer games of Chizoba Christopher was initially valid only on the territory of Bangladesh. However, according to news portals, on the 4th of February, 2022, Md. Abu Nayeem Shohaq, the General Secretary of the Bangladesh Football Federation, sent a letter to the General Secretary of the Nigeria Football Federation. In that letter were all details regarding the extension of the ban extension with additional links and signed by Jorge Ivan Palacio, the Chairman of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee. According to this letter, FIFA Disciplinary Committee decided to extend the ban on the 3rd of February, 2022. According to the letter, the veto decision was supported by:

  1. Carlos Schneider
  2. María Claudia Rojas
  3. Vassilios Skouris
  4. Alan Sullivan
  5. Yngve Hallén
  6. And by eight more FIFA Disciplinary Committee members

Latter also, a letter from the FIFA Disciplinary Committee arrived. This letter, which Carlos Schneider (Director of FIFA Judicial Bodies) signed, was all details about the ban of Chizoba Christopher. Also, according to the letter, all necessary decisions and actions were made by the Appeals Committee of the Bangladesh Football Federation on the 26th of September, 2021, as we already mentioned above. Furthermore, this letter also included all necessary details regarding the worldwide extension of this ban for Chizoba Christopher.

What Will Chizoba Christopher Do Next?

Large organizations and associations often protect and support their members’, employees’, and wards’ interests. For example, FIFA declares that one of its primary purposes is to protect players from any adverse outcomes, including outcomes that result from FIFA Disciplinary Committee decisions. Still, no additional information was published regarding Chizoba Christopher’s nearest future. His contractual agreements violations were very severe if FIFA decided to completely ban him from any future game participation for two long years.

The football player from Nigeria himself didn’t give any additional commentaries regarding his ban and the situation in general. Also, he decided not to provide any information regarding his plan for the nearest two years. But, most definitely, Chizoba Christopher will get back to his professional football player career as soon as the term of his ban ends. Suppose you are interested in knowing more about any future plans and possible occupation of Chizoba Christopher during the nearest two years. In that case, you’d better look closely at his social media pages.

A Few Words About Chizoba Christopher’s Personality and Biography

Chizoba Christopher was born in Lagos, Nigeria, on the 17th of June, 1991. He was passionate about football from a young age and decided to become a pro soccer player long before he ended school. Chizoba Christopher started his career as a striker and played in this position until the very recent ban from the Bangladesh Football Federation. During his career, he played for many various football clubs, including those:

  • Kalighat MS
  • Mohammedan Sporting Club
  • Shillong Lajong
  • Peerless
  • Mohun Bagan A.C
  • Welwalo Adigrat
  • Arambagh KS

As you can see, lots of those clubs were initially being located in northwest India, especially in Calcutta. However, Chizoba Christopher’s current football club, Tollygunge Agragami Football Club, decided to sign a contract with this soccer player about a few years before the initial ban from FIFA. Speaking about the reaction of Tollygunge Agragami Football Club regarding the veto for any football matches participation: they also didn’t give any official position or commentaries yet.

Chizoba Christopher showed pretty good results in his previous career. For example, he participated in 22 matches in the National League of 2017 and scored 17 goals. Moreover, not so long ago, this striker also participated in the Bangladesh Premier League of 2021. In general, he scored three goals during ten matches. Therefore, he will most definitely keep showing pretty good results when he returns to continue his professional career in a game of big soccer.

Other News Regarding Nigerian Sorcerers

It’s important to say that not so long ago; Nigerian professional soccer also lost an up-and-coming footballer who played as a defender. His name is Kevin Akpoguma. Unfortunately, according to football news resources, this defender decided to put his career on hold by himself and preferred not to share any additional info regarding his decision.

Most definitely, Kevin Akpoguma decides to pause his football playing career due to some shifts in the list of the best soccer players in Nigeria. Even though his results were pretty good, younger players and newcomers show much better results. So, it leads to a situation where Kevin Akpoguma dropped from this list.

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