How To Find The Perfect Sports Equipment

How To Find The Perfect Sports Equipment

When it comes to taking part in sport, there are varying degrees of seriousness and that depends on our level of commitment. Some people might find they are naturally very good at a particular sport so they will continue to practice to get better and hopefully at some point, if their skill is there, become a professional.

Others play sports for fun and social activity, a brilliant way to spend your spare time playing a sport with your friends. Finally, we have the people that take sports very seriously and spend huge amounts of money on equipment but aren’t that good, the term “all the gear and no idea” is often thrown around.

No matter which level of sportsman you are, it’s important to get the right equipment for you so let’s take a look at some of the stages you should look at to find the perfect equipment for your chosen sport.

Decide What You Need

When it comes to this decision, it’s often difficult to take your heart out of the situation and replace it with a well thought out decision made by your brain. You may have seen an advert online for the latest bit of kit and your heart has decided that you absolutely must have it, no questions asked. This may not be the best decision-making process as you could leave yourself short in other areas. For example, turning up to the golf course with one golf club isn’t going to do you much good, despite the fact it looked amazing on the TV.


Decide what you need first and you can take the appropriate steps to move forward. If you need a putter and a pitching wedge, you can then concentrate your efforts into finding what’s best for you.

Read Reviews

This is something I can’t stress enough, reading consumer reviews is so important when investing in sports equipment, especially when it costs a lot of money. There are so many people out there that give fair reviews and if it’s worth the money, the last thing you want is to buy the most expensive bit of gear to discover that the middle of the range version performs better and could have saved you hundreds. The experts at state that choosing the right bit of equipment can be confusing with the sheer volume of gear on offer. Reading fair reviews can save you so much money, but also will make sure you’re looking at the right gear for your level. For example, within the world of golf, there are thousands of irons to choose from. If you have a high handicap, it’s safe to say you aren’t the best golfer out there and will need some forgiving golf clubs, in this situation buying blades will be detrimental to your game and will only make you play worse, these clubs are for very low handicappers that have honed their skill over years of play.

Test Out The Gear First

Something you never want to do is buy blind, this is where you’ve read some reviews and decided that it could be a good fit for you so you take the plunge, only to discover that it doesn’t suit your game at all and you’ve just wasted hundreds of your own money. Take the time not only to research but to try out and test everything you’re thinking of buying, most places will allow you to do so and if they don’t, then I wouldn’t be buying from them anyway. Take your time over decisions, just because your favorite professional says it’s great, doesn’t mean it’s perfect for you. Be sensible and back up your gut feeling with a trip to test.

Don’t Get Suckered Into Advertising

It is an advertising company’s sole job to sell you a product and they will do so by doing whatever they can. Every advert you see for sports equipment is often endorsed by a professional and made to look really fancy in the adverts. But do you ever see the professionals using that equipment when they are playing themselves? The answer is most probably no because the equipment they use isn’t designed for the average joe and it costs four times the amount. It might look pretty, but it doesn’t mean it’s good for you.


When it comes to making a decision, especially when you’re going to part with a fair bit of your hard-earned cash, always make sure you make the right decision. Decide what you need to invest in and research it as much as possible; informed decisions are the best kind. Once you’ve made a shortlist go and try them out, there isn’t a professional on the planet that hasn’t tested out their kit before taking to the stage so neither should you. Above all else, don’t get pulled in by the adverts – it’s their job. Most importantly, enjoy playing sports!


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