Infinix supports outstanding musical talents through STORM X

Infinix supports outstanding musical talents through STORM X

In barely a decade of her existence in the Nigerian market, Infinix has shown great commitment towards promoting young and talented entertainers in so many ways. From social media campaigns, to major band events, the smartphone brand has repeatedly created avenues for deserving talents to perform in front of a vast audience. To add to that, Infinix has also ensured that these individuals get the much needed financial support.

Why entertainment?

Infinix is a people-centric brand with a very sharp focus on the youth. A brief scan through the brand will help you affirm this fact. Its focus on the youth explains many things; like the trendy and stylish designs of its smartphones. The youths are a fashion-sensitive group. Understanding that, Infinix combines fashion elements with cutting edge technology in order to give its smartphones a sleek and stylish look that perfectly suits its young target audience.

In the same vein, Infinix’s focus on the youth explains its shared interest in other elements of pop culture like; art, technology, music, and entertainment in general.  

Infinix loves and lives for entertainment. The brand also believes that young entertainers deserve the opportunity to display their unique talents before the world.

After several online and offline activities through the years, Infinix created a special themed event in the first half of this year in order to drive its agenda of creating a stage for young entertainers forward. The new event was called the Infinix STORM X.

The Infinix Storm X

The Infinix Storm X is targeted at young individuals – specifically students in tertiary institutions – with a knack for art, music and entertainment. STORM X seeks to single out outstanding talents by challenging the creativity and originality of a number of young entertainers.

The maiden edition of the Infinix STORM X took place earlier this year. The event followed shortly after the launch of the HOT 9 and was tagged “Unlimited Fun Hot 9.” In this edition, several distinctively talented singers, rappers, and dancers from all over Nigeria stepped up to the challenge for originality and creativity.

At the end of the challenge, 12 winners were rewarded with 1 year worth of entertainment allowance to the tune of 360,000 each.

The second edition of Storm X is about to kick off. This edition is tagged “HOT 10 stars” and this time, it promises to be #10XMoreFun. Lucky winners from this edition will get to feature a major artiste from the DMW record label.