Ireland Premier Division – Tips That Will Help You Win

Ireland Premier Division – Tips That Will Help You Win

How to Watch the League of Ireland Premier Division

The highest tier of football in Ireland is the League of Ireland Premier Division. This league is composed of ten teams, and each team plays the other teams twice at home and twice away, which means that the Irish football teams in this league play 36 games in a normal season. While the Ireland Premier Division is not as popular as other great leagues in Europe like the English Premier League, Bundesliga, or La Liga, it still attracts plenty of Irish footballing fans each week all hoping for their team to win. This can be quite a difficult league to predict, but if you follow the great tips that we are about to provide below, you can increase your chances of supporting a winner.

Choosing the right Sportsbook

Obviously, if you want to start betting on football in Ireland, then you are going to need a sportsbook account where you can take the Irish football betting advice that we are about to give you to good use. However, there are so many bookmakers available now that it can end up being pretty difficult to find the best bookie for you. Thankfully, there are a lot of great comparison sites available online that can help you find the best sportsbook for you and if you click on the link that we provided above, you will be taken to the one that we think is the best for Irish football fans.

Now that Irish footballing fans know where they can find quality bookies, we shall shift our attention to great tips that you can make use of when placing bets in the League of Ireland Premier Division. Irish football punters would be wise to always remember these tips as they can improve the chances of being successful. So, let’s crack on.

Form is More Important Than Reputation

You will be quite surprised to find out that there are many sports betting fans that put reputation first. If you are considering about betting on football in Ireland, then it is imperative that you pay close attention to a team’s form and not what their reputation is.

A team might be reputed to be the best football team in Ireland, but this counts for nothing if they are going through a bit of a horrendous patch. If you like betting on horses, we are sure that you will not risk your hard-earned money by betting on horses that have been on a losing streak, so why risk your money by betting on a football team that has lost six games in a row? Whenever you decide to make a bet based on reputation instead of form, the most likely thing that is going to happen is that you are going to end up losing some money.

You Must Check Out Injuries & Suspensions

Before you bet on football in Ireland, you have to take some time to have a look at the injuries and suspensions that a team has. When a team is missing some of their key players thanks to suspensions and injury, they will clearly have less chance of winning the match. Therefore, if you just dump straight in with two feet and make a bet without checking out this information, you could be putting your hard-earned money on a team that is devoid of their best players. In other words, you are giving yourself a large disadvantage right off the bat. Therefore, before you bet on a League of Ireland Premier Division match, take a couple of moments to read a match preview as these will tell you whether a team is missing a valuable player.

Keep Your Emotions Away from Your Betting

If you make use of logic, informed judgment, and valuable stats when you are betting on Irish football, there is a good chance that you can go on a winning streak. However, as soon as you let your anger or subjective opinion get in the way, things will go south pretty quickly. If you are annoyed because you have just lost a bet which you thought you were going to win, just log out of your account and go and do something else. If you are betting on your favourite Irish football team and you bet with your heart instead of your brain, then it is wise to discard that bet.

Research is Very Important

If you want to make some type of career from betting on Irish football, then you need to know that it is vital that you put in the effort and time in order for you to be successful. However, there are many sports betting fans out there who place bets on football in Ireland without checking out any stats. Not only is it vital that you do a lot of research before you submit a bet, it is also vital that you know how to distinguish the valuable stats from those that are interesting but not valuable at all. For example, a stat that says that Arsenal always win when humidity is below 40% and if more than twenty birds fly over the stadium before kick off is an interesting stat, but it is hardly going to help you win your bets. Do not be lazy and make an effort to do some research, and you will start to win more bets.

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