Is Football Studio the Newest Football To Keep An Eye On?

Is Football Studio the Newest Football To Keep An Eye On?

Football Studio is a game from Evolution Gaming launched in October 2018 just before the FIFA Soccer World Cup.  It has since gained so much popularity it is available on every gambling site.


The game is played by placing a wager on whether the Home or Away card will have a higher value. The dealer deals with the two cards representing Home and Away. You can also wager on the value being the same. If you want to simplify it, you could even say that Football Studio resembles versions of Baccarat.


The football theme in this game is authentic and consistent, from the green football field table the dealer deals with to the white shirt and thin tie he wears and the live game in the background screen.


Even if you are not much of a football fan, this live game can get you hooked, and the best part is how simple it is to understand and play. And since it’s from Evolution Gaming you can expect quality graphics and clear sound. The cross-over appeal is desirable as this game works on your phone and PC and could even work in a sports bar.


So what makes this game so popular?



It combines some of the classic favorites; Card games, Live Games, and Football. You can’t make it any more exciting, right. Secondly, the game is simple to understand. Once you have the hang of the rules, you can try to work out your strategy on how to win. The game also has a fairly high return to player percentage of 96.27% on home and away but 89.64% on a draw.


Some casinos also offer specific bonuses that first-time players can use. Players use two strategies to play this game: the Martingale strategy, which focuses on Home or Away betting results.


The other strategy is the Draw strategy; this is the less optimal method, as drawing results are rare. This is evident in the payouts where a home or away bet payout is 1: 1 while a draw bet payout is 11:1


It is fun and engaging because the dealer gives live commentary while dealing during play. The presenter is well-versed in global football news and is happy to banter with you on football matters and trivia.


They even give their predictions on the upcoming fixtures (it is up to you whether or not you take his advice). You can even add leagues to show future fixtures and results, and then you can pick your favorite leagues as you play.


Because football studio is similar to several games like Live Dragon Tiger and Top Card, many people feel at ease playing it even for the first time. With a minimum bet of $1, who wouldn’t want to give it a try?



Football studio has a unique format. It provides a gambling experience, matchday experience, and live casino experience all in one. To quote the game creators Evolution Gaming, “Football studio is a world-class football-focused gaming experience.” We couldn’t agree more.

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