Referees and pressure from home teams

Referees and pressure from home teams

Someone said somewhere that there’s no moral justification for any team to complain of unjust officiating because according to him “every team benefits from it in the course of the season”.

Question, does the fact that every team get their quota of unfair officiating mean it is no longer wrong?

Look, the issue isn’t who is being favored or who isn’t. The fact is it is a cankerworm in our football and it needs to be trampled under our feet till it breathes its last.

Another said, referees are coaxed and intimidated into wrong officiating.

He said the terrible pressure from the home supporters make these referees fear for their lives.

So, Uncle, we should for fear of what the supporters would do, ignore the laws of the game?

Why do we compete if we won’t uphold the laws of the game?

If these club owners know that if a referee or match official is hurt (on account of being attacked by the home fans), they are moving from Bauchi to Lokoja for home games for the next two seasons, they will know this is serious.

What about when a referee who purposely officiates in a manner that clearly favours one team over the other, what ought we to do?

Just get the videos out there and he will be punished and suspended. It’s that simple.

My thinking really is, some of these referees are so corrupt, they want you to know how much power they wield.

So they almost dangle the carrot before you so you pay them to get you a win.

Ignore the temptation club owners, focus on getting your to team win games without the help of referees. That’s how we can rebuild our football.

By That Enyimba Fan

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