The Grit Developed through Sport Helps Your Children Succeed in life

The Grit Developed through Sport Helps Your Children Succeed in life

GRIT. You may have heard the word mentioned in conversations around raising children who go on to reach their full potential. This is mostly because experts have determined that GRIT is a better indicator of future earnings and happiness than either IQ or talent.

Grit is a distinct combination of passion, resilience, determination, and focus that allows a person to maintain the discipline and optimism to persevere in their goals even in the face of discomfort, rejection, and a lack of visible progress for years, or even decades. – Jenny Williams

Mounting research on GRIT submits that your child’s ability to work hard, endure struggle, fail, and try again may be the key to determining his or her long-term success and happiness.

One main vehicle through which to instill GRIT into your child is through sport activities. Engaging in sports goes beyond giving health and physical benefits, it helps create habits and teach life skills such as GRIT that last long into adulthood.

Playing sport helps children learn to regulate their emotions better and channel negative feelings in a positive way. It also helps children develop patience and understand that it takes a lot of practice to improve school work and any other co-curricular activity.

For these and many more reasons, one of Nestle Nigeria’s leading brand portfolios- MILO- is leading the conversation around raising well-rounded and well-adjusted children through sport. In its latest campaign dubbed GRIT, the brand seeks to provoke parents into prioritizing sport as an essential complement to academia, which the brand says can no longer be ignored if they want their children to be successful in the real world.

Premised on the tense insight that, “the grit you develop through sport helps you succeed in life”, the MILO GRIT campaign will support Nigerian parents with the requisite information necessary for developing survival skills such as teamwork, determination, tenacity, endurance and perseverance in their children, through sport.

The MILO brand has a heritage of building champions through sports, and is an ardent advocate of sports in general, often espousing in advertising messaging and campaigns the importance of sports in child physical activity, growth and development. In this campaign however, MILO is upping the ante by positioning sport as an absolute must-have in the development journey of Nigerian children. At par with academia and the determining factor of acquiring GRIT!

MILO Nigeria: What is GRIT?


Experts have proved sport to be a medium through which children develop social skills that make them stand out in their adulthood, and MILO intends to highlight that narrative to Nigerian parents. The brand has indelibly positioned itself as parental support product, providing parents with insightful parenting tips and top quality nutritious beverage for their precious charges- a coach for the coach so to speak.

Category Manager for MILO Nigeria, Olutayo Olatunji, has said that the brand is committed to inspiring parents in their quest to raise children who will become adults of substance.

“Often in the real world, academics is not necessarily the determining factor for success. We need many Nigerian parents to understand that while academics are important, possessing GRIT through participating in sports, is that ‘je ne sais quoi’ component that will give their children the edge for success in their careers, relationships and the world at large. And MILO is that brand that supports parents to make that happen for their kids”.

The MILO GRIT Campaign will run various activities and will come to life via many channels chief of which is social media. The brand will engage parents on this journey of discovery through leveraging social influencers to drive the narrative. Some of these influencers are from the medical, sports and lifestyle industries and they include: Dr Kelechi Anyikude, Nicole Chikwe, Chinyere Abang, Godwin Enakhena, Tobi Samuel Adepoju, Oluwa Toyin, Omilola Oshikoya, Asisat Oshoala.

The GRIT campaign will run between January to March 2022 and is ultimately expected to assist parents apply this new and transformational perspective to their parenting goals.

Strength of Character. Strength of will. Courage. Resolve. Passion. Stamina. Determination. Tenacity. Passion. Perseverance. Guts. Emotional Intelligence. Social Intelligence. In one word- GRIT, is what your child needs to have in order to make it in life.

MILO Activ-Go is Nigeria’s leading malt, cocoa and milk breakfast beverage made from natural ingredients, nourishing children with nutritious energy.



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