Top 5 Best Sports Universities in Nigeria

Top 5 Best Sports Universities in Nigeria

For most young people university is a time of constant learning. And it’s not only about course disciplines but also about personal development. And fairly enough, one of the most effective tools for self-development and personal growth is sports.


Generally, physical activity carries a lot of benefits for students. First of all, team sports allow you to meet like-minded people and make friends. Joining a certain sports society is one of the most common reasons why students decide to work out. Almost every community organizes regular events to have fun and enjoy time together. It gives the feeling of belonging and adds some entertainment to a mundane life.

Secondly, doing sports on a regular basis improves your mental health. Since college years are extremely stressful, your psychological well-being may be disrupted. Luckily, sports can help you maintain a good mood. Anytime you find yourself feeling lonely or lost, you can get rid of such negative states by just working out with your sports companion. Physical activity can also reduce your stress levels during a deadline season.


What’s more, sports can enhance your learning progress. The more you train your body, the more you train your brain as well. Multiple studies have shown that sports improves cognitive functioning. After doing some physical exercise, you will notice that you can complete your homework much faster and more efficiently. Anyway, if you have difficulty dealing with your assignments, you can find help at custom speech writing services by experienced writers and get your essays or research papers done in just a few days. This can be a good alternative to doing homework on your own.


Some career experts even say that being an active member of a society or sports team can help your professional prospects. In what way? Well, job interviews typically require you to demonstrate various skills and personal traits. Employers value those candidates that can prove their perseverance, time-management and leadership skills. And all this can be developed while doing sports.


Now that you realize how beneficial physical activity is for students, you are probably wondering what sports-oriented university to choose in Nigeria. See the list of them below!


University of Ilorin


The University of Ilorin prides itself for being one of the best educational institutions in Nigeria. Only a few universities can be compared to this institution in terms of teaching quality. However, its football community is also widely appreciated in the country. The sports team of the University of Ilorin is just brilliant, which has been proven several times in major competitions like the HIFL. Maybe the secret of the team’s success is that it’s coached by Mr. Gambari who knows how to drive people towards success.

Nile University of Nigeria


Recently, the administration of Nile University of Nigeria has decided to provide full sports scholarships to students. These programs are a part of the school’s efforts in promoting excellence at all levels, including the physical one. The university management works to ensure that sports people can achieve their ambitious goals while pursuing a degree. To receive funding, one must demonstrate an excellent performance in a few competitions. The university awards scholarships to students participating in different sports categories, including swimming, football, basketball, volleyball, and tennis. If your candidacy is chosen, you will become a member of the academic team that takes part in regular tournaments.


University of Benin


The University of Benin or UNIBEN is also renowned for its football team. If you want to become better at playing football, you must consider UNIBEN school for enrollment. Its team cannot be overlooked because there are so many talented stars, such as Odion Daniel and Jude Oghale. There are thousands of fans supporting the UNIBEN footballers and visiting regular matches with them. For sure, you will benefit from being a part of this sports community.


University of Calabar


The University of Calabar, also known as UNICAL, is one of the leading universities in Nigeria established in 1975. The school is famous not only for its brilliant teaching methods but also for one of the best football teams in Nigeria. In fact, UNICAL MALABITES has a lot of fans all over the country. This team has proved its high ranking status after participation in the Higher Institution Football League or HIFL. In 2018, the Malabites were runners-up and in 2019 they became winners. Thanks to their coach,  Mr. Moshood Oyefolarin, the team has very strong players and a great reputation.


Obafemi Awolowo University


The Obafemi Awolowo University or OAU is another school worth mentioning on this list. The football team founded at OAU is called Giants. It was named after an important monument in its home city. The traditional colors of the school embellish its logo. Being one of the most triumphant teams in the country, it has received multiple awards in various competitions. If you want to learn from real winners, apply for the program at Obafemi Awolowo University.


This article was written by Cory Shilling, an academic writer and popular study coach. Cory works with students, helping them be more efficient at school. She believes that sports is a great tool to help young people achieve big academic goals.

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