What virtual football can appeal to all lovers of elegant English sports

What virtual football can appeal to all lovers of elegant English sports

Football is rightfully considered one of the most popular games in history, and due to the development of television and the Internet, it has also become one of the most watched sports on the planet.


The US audience is the only one who prefers their own sports format of football instead of the proposed concept of the British, but the number of fans is gradually increasing in the territory of modern America.


It is only logical that many football fans who support their favorite teams want to feel all the emotions of watching as often and brightly as possible, but since football matches do not take place every day, playing for a popular club can help brighten up the wait between major tournaments and football leagues.


You can try out FIFA 23 – a full-fledged football simulator that will give you the opportunity to try out the online mode against other players, lead your favorite club to victory in the Champions League, the Cup of Country, and the League, or choose the professional player mode and create your own hero, who in the future will have a chance to become a world football star.


What is FIFA 23


FIFA 23 is a full-fledged football simulator with realistic player physics, advanced graphics, and a natural reaction of the stands to everything that happens on the field.


You can assemble your own team, create your own player or even yourself and rise to worldwide fame, or compete with other players.


What game modes await you in FIFA 23


1. Online league


You choose the team whose colors you will represent in games against other players.


An online league, or FUT, is different in that you will not have at your disposal an identical team composition that it is represented in real life.


Instead, you will receive sets with random players, opening which you will recruit performers for yourself.


The reward is given randomly, and first, you see the player’s country, then his role, and then the last name and first name.


To constantly open sets and strengthen the potential of your team, you need a lot of FIFA coins.


They can be obtained for game tasks with a weekly update, winning online matches, and for participating in tournaments from EA Games, depending on the position taken.


If you are interested in how to buy fifa coins, then this can be done using the Skycoach service, which will provide the required number of coins with a guarantee of anonymity and the ability to return the money in case of disputes with the game administration.


The online league, or FUT, is based on a division system – the more you win, the faster you progress to more difficult opponents and vice versa, with constant defeats you will be thrown back until you increase your skills.


2. Career mode


In career mode, you act as a coach who has full control over the actions of his wards and carries out all management.


Everything is simpler here than in FUT – you get a game team with the current lineup including all the star performers.


You have to win the championship, or close to it, in order to qualify for the Champions League or the Europa League, depending on your place in the standings.


You will get access to club funding from the board of directors and your options will depend on the real finances of the club in real football. So Real Madrid will be able to sign literally any player on the planet, while the English third division will count on promising newcomers before reaching more or less serious funding due to good results and promotion in the division.


Therefore, playing for a team from the second or third division of any top league is the most interesting thing, since you start in more difficult conditions and with rather weak but promising players and your opponents will be in the same conditions.


Interestingly, football will not be as dynamic as in the top leagues. Teams are not played and the lack of strong and fast players will affect the overall speed of the game.


You will have the opportunity to develop the direction of scouting and find good players who, with proper development, can be sold to make money, or used to strengthen the strength of the team and quickly progress through the leagues and in the cup of their country.


Choosing to play in a weaker division will significantly prolong your gameplay, as you need to take first place in the current league, go to a higher level and repeat the same result there in order to reach the Premier League or a similar division and qualify for the Champions League, or League of Europe.



3. PRO mode


In the professional game mode, you do not represent the club, but yourself, or more precisely, your avatar in the football world. You need to create your own player, choose a ready-made option, trust random generation, or get confused and thoroughly create yourself in the appearance editor.


You have to join the selected team as a promising junior who will represent the reserve squad with the prospect of further career advancement, more playing time and, as a result, getting into the main squad and the national team of your country.


When creating a character, you will be prompted to choose the role that you will occupy on the football field and, depending on the choice made, your efficiency points will be calculated, which will affect the coach’s decisions to provide you with playing time and advancement in the squad. For a bad game, you can be replaced in the very near future, or even removed to the bench.


But successful actions will be encouraged with full game time, a call-up to the national team and a transfer to the main team, with the prospect of becoming the captain of their team.


When creating a hero, it is advisable to choose a surname for yourself from the proposed list in order to get the commentators’ reaction to your actions with naming the surname. If you write down your last name, or one that is not on the list, then the reaction will be a general one – “this guy.”


In the settings, you can choose the appearance of the field during the game – you can set the view from the back of the player for more realism, or set the standard view from the stadium for FIFA 23.


You can also change the setting and add the ability to control not only your character, but the whole team, but this kills the entire gameplay in PRO mode,

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