Barcelona swap Arthur for Pjanic – who will benefit from the deal?

Barcelona swap Arthur for Pjanic – who will benefit from the deal?

Barcelona and Juventus have agreed on a deal in which Brazilian midfielder Arthur will leave Barcelona for the Italian side and Bosnian Miralen Pjanic will follow in the opposite direction.

Barcelona paid 60 million euros for its transfer. Juventus – 12 million more. It was the difference in the amounts that was the key point around which the parties held lengthy negotiations and eventually came to an agreement.


Since the absolute majority of the fans are controlled by emotions, many can describe the first impressions of the deal as another transfer failure of Barcelona. If you look at things too simply, the Catalans gave away a 23-year-old player with good prospects, and in return received a 30-year-old veteran and a ridiculous by today’s standard profit of 12 million (plus possible bonuses – another 10 million). And since the club already has the most impressive payroll in the world, which must be urgently unloaded, it turns out a real disaster.


However, not everything is so simple, and Barca is not going to work at a loss in the difficult financial situation. Therefore, a study of the Swiss analytical company Swiss Ramble, which works in the field of the sports business, looks very curious. Assessing the prospects of the transfer, experts suggest taking into account the features of accounting. So, when buying a football player, the club evenly distributes expenses for the entire term of the contract, and each year the amount is written off in parts according to the depreciation principle. In turn, when a player is sold, all profits are immediately credited to the accounts.


That is, in the case of Arthur, who was bought from Gremio two years ago for 30 million euros and signed a contract for 6 years, the player’s book value is reduced by 5 million every year. Accordingly, now it is equal to 20 million, and if the Brazilian is sold to Juventus for 72 million, then in the annual report of Barcelona, ​​this transaction will bring a profit of 52 million. This means that the Catalans will be able to bring accounting in a relative order by July 1, when the fiscal year ends.


It was very unexpected from Barcelona to sell Arthur because, since his transfer to the team he was dubbed as the successor of Xavi. His control of the ball and good passing earned him a place in the midfield. It is surprising to hear but a community in Canada of Barcelona’s supporters started to call him “The Brazilian Xavi”. Such an attitude towards the Brazilian found realization in the gambling industry as well where CA casino game providers supposedly wanted to please Barca’s supporters’ community and decided to make slots where both Xavi and Arthur would be present. But after Arthur’s situation deteriorated in the team they decided to abandon the plan.

Jorginho analogue for Sarri

Juventus promises the Brazilian what he does not have in Barca. And here, perhaps, it is worth agreeing with the former general manager of the Old Lady Luciano Moggi, who suggested that this means the continued trust of Turin bosses in Maurizio Sarri. It is no secret that he dreamed of taking Jorginho with him from Chelsea, who was a key figure in the tactical formations of the coach back in Napoli. But since this transfer was unrealistic, Sarri tried to build the game through Pjanic.


Apparently, it did not work out too well. Can Arthur become an analog of Jorginho? Quite, because this is a player who is used to being prima and connecting defense with the middle line. Tackles, interceptions, ball control is his strong point, and, unlike Chelsea’s compatriot, he is a finer player in terms of transferring at any distance.


At Camp Nou, there were problems with this, although this applies not only to the Brazilian but also to other players. As for Juventus, it’s time for the team to refresh the middle line. Now there are in fact no untouchables, maybe, with the exception of the rapidly progressing Bentancur. Matuidi and Khedira could have left last summer, Emre Can be finally sold to Borussia, Rabiot is eager for an exit, and even for the future, Ramsey has questions.

Who will Barca sacrifice for the sake of Pjanic?

Juventus currently looks like the party that benefits the most from the deal. With reasonable expenses, the champions of Italy get a player with great potential, getting rid of the already held, but not youthful performer. In addition, in Turin, the salary fund will be slightly reduced.


Italian sources claim that Barca will pay the Bosnian a million more. There are doubts about this, especially against the backdrop of coronavirus losses. At the same time, it is hard to imagine that Pjanic, who had several financially profitable offers, decided to seriously shrink solely for the sake of his dream to play Camp Nou. And since Arthur earned less here, the Catalans will have to continue to sell players.


Being in love with the philosophy of Johan Cruyff, Quique Setien allegedly was ready to try to restart the career of the Brazilian, but the financial nuances outweighed. Setien will be forced to sacrifice someone for the Bosnian.


Rakitic, who was not released last summer at Inter, but under Ernesto Valverde was released on the field on major holidays or in hopeless situations?


Vidal, dissatisfied with the lack of a permanent place in the composition?


Or will Busquets be hit? Of course, he is not getting younger, but he is still good, and Pjanic is far from being a young man.


Finally, there is de Jong, whose potential in the Blaugranas has not been revealed. The story of Frenkie and the role that is not quite suitable for him on the field partially reminds Arthur’s saga. This is the very problem that led to the series of transfer failures of the Catalan club, which is why even in the case of players of the Pjanic level, there is much more doubt than enthusiasm.


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