Completed Premier League Transfers for 2020

Completed Premier League Transfers for 2020

Covid-19 notwithstanding, few transfers have seen fruition for teams in the 2020 Premier League, with a few ins and outs gaining attention.

What to Expect in Upcoming Football Seasons 2020?

In the past couple of months and indeed weeks, a few players in the Premier League have tested positive for Covid-19. Within all the speculation as to how teams will forge a way forward, there seem to be a few changes already in place in terms of team structures. Only recently, several England players were reported to have tested positive for the coronavirus. These players include Paul Pogba from Manchester United, Christian Pulisic, Tammy Abraham, and Fikayo Tomori for Chelsea. An additional five players in Gareth Southgate’s Squad also reported having contracted the disease. With all that teams have to bear during the pandemic, money is not exactly flowing into any of the major football clubs. However, a few speculated football transfers for 2020 have seen fruition, and teams are set for a glorious new season.



Confirmed Transfers- Premier League


  • Saliba, William joins Arsenal on a £27 million transfer from Saint Etienne with Willian coming in from Chelsea on a free transfer
  • Two other players will join the elite club for unannounced amounts- these are Pablo Mari who comes in from Flamengo and Soares Cedric from Southampton.
  • There are a few loan transfers for the squad as well. Trae Coyle and Zech Medley head to Gillingham on loan, while DInos Mavropanos heads to Stuttgart, Matt Smith to Swindon and Omole Tobi is expected to be released.

Other teams are seeing more exits than entrants into the team, perhaps for good reason too.

Aston Villa

  • Only one incoming transfer has been completed for 2020 in the form of Ben Chrisene, joining from Exeter for an unknown amount.
  • On the flipside, quite a number of players are being released. This list includes Ross McCormack, Dimitri Sea, Colin Odutayo, Jamie Searle, Anton Hooper Jack Birch and Callum O’Hare. Two players qualified for free transfers, namely; Mooney who heads to Scunthorpe and Chester to Stoke.

Of course, the list would not be complete without Chelsea and Manchester City making a few major changes of their own.


  • Incoming team members include two players for an undisclosed amount- Timo Werner from RB Leipzig and Xavier Mbuyamba from Barcelona. The big purchases for this team are Chilwell, who comes in from Leicester City for £50 million, and Hakim Ziyech from Ajax at £36 million.
  • The team has a long list of players awaiting release on loan, some free and others going for considerable amounts. Alvaro Morata heads to Atletico Madrid for a whopping £50 million, while Nathan slides off to Atletico MG at a modest £2.7 million. Grant, Lavinier and Nartey will be released. Izzi Brown heads to Sheffield Wednesday on loan with Marc Guehi making his way smoothly to Swansea, also on loan

    Manchester City

  • This prestigious England team would not be left out as they made some pricey purchases for 2020. At £41 million, Nathan Ake enters the City club from Bournemouth, with Ferran Torres right behind him for £21 million, from Valencia. Couto, Yan will join Guardiola’s squad from Coritiba for £5.5 million.
  • David Silva, one of City’s key players will be heading to Real Sociedad for free, while Leroy Sane exits for Munich for a remarkable £54 million.



Football fans all over the world will be pleased with some of these changes which promise to revitalize a few teams. That being said, for punters everywhere and the novice alike, here are a few tips to betting on football that might help during the upcoming season.

How to Bet on Football- Capitalizing on Odds

If you don’t understand odds, you have no business anywhere near a betting site, or worse yet, around betting peers. There are various types of odds, some in decimal form and others in fractions. To understand this better, here’s an example- a bet that states 6/1 or 6-1 implies a six-to-one chance of winning. Place a $10 wager and you stand to win $70- specifically, 10 times 6, plus the initial ten. Decimals are easier to understand. If Liverpool’s odds are 1.30 to win against, Leeds for instance, a wager for $100 means you will $130 if they win. The harder of these to understand is the American money line approach. Odds of +585 mean that by placing $100 you will win $585- in addition to the initial $100. Understanding odds to the nth degree is tantamount to winning big. It is the most important research you will perform relating to a very unpredictable market, for substantial wins.

  • Research declining odds (in decimal form). Knowing how and when odds decline is the greatest advantage one has over other punters. Odds change drastically a few minutes before a game. This is because gamblers are placing bets based on favorites to win. If you perform your research well beforehand, placing a decent wager earlier can get you a decent payout- more than your peers. You will have this upper hand based on knowledge you have regarding new additions to the team or their performance. If you have insight on one player’s new and improved form, you can use that to your advantage.


  • Keep in mind odds are generated automatically. They are based on statistics on head-to-head meets, or their current standing in their respective leagues. If you understand the changes in teams, who is getting better and possibly, who’s worse than their odds claim, you can take advantage of such to gain respectable wins. For instance, a team may have very high (decimal) odds, meaning they have slim chance of winning- if any. Your research may point to a healthier-looking team or it may lead you to believe that the favorites have suddenly lost their edge. Either way, the odds will be in your favor. Capitalizing on such moments means you may be able to make considerably MORE money, using LESS of you money.

Different types of odds common on Sports- betting Sites

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