Neymar to Paris Saint Germain: The word ‘More’ should be a hero

Neymar to Paris Saint Germain: The word ‘More’ should be a hero

The word “more” should be an hero. It’s a principle that if you want to find something new, look for new.

You’ve been wanting to experience being a vegetarian, then try it. No one is guaranteeing you liking it.
Failure might be resounding but then you risk it. You either fail or succeed; you fail, you learn and get a fulfilment of trying, you succeed, you still get fulfilled.

Neymar jr looking for more

Neymar jr
Image: getty images

Neymar who recently embraced the PSG turning his back to Barcelona FC that has been his sports family for a while.

He wants challenge and as a sportsman, that’s a good drive.

He had challenges in Barca but he wants more and now he’s gunning for it. He’s living his more.

Who knows if he’d be fulfilled positively or negatively at the end?

I’m sure he doesn’t care because that’s not all that matters.

What really matter is understanding what decision making is about.

Knowing there is no fixed agenda for the universe; once you make a decision, it works around that decision.

There’s no right, there’s no wrong, only a series of possibilities that shift with each passing thought, feeling and action that you experience.

The young man definitely got advice from different people against stabbing his loyalty for his former club, including his own father. But he didn’t heed, a very wise thing to do when there’s conviction of more deep down.
It is not safe to entrust one’s future in another person’s hands… The best thing is always pull your own rope.

Neymar looking for more

Neymar jr
Photo: getty images

If tomorrow, he gets the challenge he was out for in PSG then he’d happily say he made it and maybe add milestones and if not, he won’t still say he didn’t make it, not with the whooping worth placed on him in his new club.
Or do you still regard it failure that all 180million Nigerians would pay #444 (four hundred and forty-four Naira) each to buy just one man?

I’m sure you don’t regard that a fail.

Life itself is a risk; it’s impossible to live without taking risks. We do things on the impulse, not knowing what we’re doing; other times we decide to do something knowing well it might not even end well. But we do it anyways.

I can jump down an high-rise building with a mind of supernaturally getting wings or getting saved by superman or The Flash before I reach the rock bottom; if you ask me, that’s some cool way to live.

You can ask me alright because I might hit the rock bottom but it’ll definitely be on my feet.

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