How Negligent UCH Ibadan Doctors complicated Aluko’s Cancer Case

How Negligent UCH Ibadan Doctors complicated Aluko’s Cancer Case

Allegations of medical negligence against the University Teaching Hospital of Ibadan is the latest in the case of former Rivers Angel goal keeper Bidemi Aluko, who is fighting for her life after she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

According to sources in the National Association of Nigeria Professional Footballers, Aluko had undergone surgery earlier at UCH Ibadan, but the doctors failed to recommend further medication after what was ‘a successful’ surgery.


Aluko was cleared by the Hospital after the surgery, but many months later the former Nigerian player returned to the prestigious health facility and was diagnosed with a recurring case in the same breast.


Disappointed and distraught she cried for help, reaching out to NANPF, other relevant footballing bodies and individuals in the country.


‘We learnt that Aluko was supposed to be on medication after the initial surgery; to completely suppress the cancer. However this wasn’t done and the doctors at UCH Ibadan allowed her leave.


‘Later she began to feel the same discomfort as she did in the first case; the same breast was diagnosed, and because she lost trust in the Hospital did not return there for treatment,’ the source confirmed.


‘When she contacted NANPF we consulted with medical experts and it was the Doctors in India who told us she should have been put on medication after the surgery.


‘So, we started the process of raising funds for her to buy the same drugs the UCH Ibadan doctors should have recommended to her initially.’

In a statement by NANPF President Tijani Babangida, Aluko’s case was referred to medicare centers in India, Israel and UCH Ibadan for professional advice.


According to Babangida, NANPF wants to ‘Get expert opinion, and advice and make recommendation based on the alternative treatment options between University Teaching Hospital Ibadan, The Health and Care Global Enterprise Ltd Bangalore in Indian, while we await the response from Israel.’


The body whose membership comprises former and current professional football players has opened an SOS account to raise funds for Aluko’s treatment.


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