What are some sports underdog stories?

What are some sports underdog stories?

Sports underdog stories that made the match interesting – Everyone loves a sports underdog story where an unexpected team rises and becomes a winner, surprising everyone in the process. Sports are filled with such stories where many matches have seen the unexpected.

Below is a list of some sports underdog stories, which have become quite popular in the times and have left everyone shocked. These stories bring interest in the game and fill the matches with unexpected turns.

Boris Becker                                  

One startling outcome in a UFC 173 title battle was when T. J. Dillashaw crushed Renan Barao to turn into the new champion. The chances supported Barao, and it was unexpected that Dillashaw would defeat the previous hero. The match was prevented by injuries. At first, the headliner was to happen for the middleweight title, with Chris Weidman playing against Vitor Belfort. However, Nevada banned testosterone treatment not long before the match, and Belfort needed time. Consequently, he was supplanted with Lyoto Machida, yet then Weidman needed to quit inferable from a physical issue. From that point forward, it was concluded that Barao would go against Raphael Assuncao. Notwithstanding, Raphael likewise needed to quit because of injury, and hence, Dillashaw was picked. Dillashaw astounded everybody in the first round itself by wrecking Barao. Dillashaw showed great performance. Barao then again didn’t do a lot, and plainly he had no strategy.

USA Olympic hockey 1980

The USA team consisted of novices and school stars who had a decent beginning to the Winter Olympics, playing some great hockey. However, they were given minimal possibility against The Soviets who then again comprised experienced players. The four-time gold medalists were sure to win. However, the USA made that wonder by beating the Soviets and afterward winning gold in the last.

Holly Holm vs. Ronda Rousey

In UFC 193, Holm shocked everyone when she took out Rousey. The aftereffects of the match were surprising as it seemed like Rousey could never win. The match was overwhelmed by Holm and when Ronda attempted to charge, Holm was prepared and took Rousey’s title. Prior to this battle, Holm barely got any opportunity to win. All things considered, the UFC chose to offer the chance to Holm.

England netball 2018

Prior to the 2018 Commonwealth Games, Australia and New Zealand had always won women’s netball. They were the solitary nations to have won the competitions. Nonetheless, that planned to change. At the 2018 games, England were the untouchables. They got the resistance moving strong, outmaneuvering the social occasion and beating New Zealand meanwhile. Regardless, with different teams playing good, there was still work to be done. In the last match  England returned and won.

Chris Weidman UFC 162

Anderson Silva ridicules his opponents and attempts to be more threatening. This is a methodology that he utilized against different players. Notwithstanding, UFC 162 was a totally different match, and things were not true to form. During the match, Chris missed a couple of strikes, hence according to Silva’s system, he faked like the shots had injured him. This got Weidman fomented as it showed up as though he had enough; hence, he punched Silva on the jawline and finished the battle with emotional success by winning.

Michael Eddie 1998

At the point when Eddie didn’t make the cut as a skier for Britain, he switched and took up ski jumping. He suffered injuries and was in a psychological clinic when he was informed that he had to play for the 1988 Games. Although he didn’t win, his story made him a known name all throughout the planet. He, therefore, turned into a media big name showing up on programs all throughout the planet.

Greece European Championship: 2004

In 2004 football’s European Championships Portugal is likely to win. Greece was a country, which at that point, was without a win. The nation didn’t set the resistance burning. They finished their group in second on comparable points as Spain, and just progressed by scoring more goals. Their systems of confounding competitors seemed to work, as they dominated the game with France. Something fundamentally the same happened against the Czech Republic in the semi-finals. In any case, it might be said that they were helped by a rule, which was removed later. Eventually, Greece was against Portugal. Greece kept its techniques and, finally, it paid off and Greece became Champion.


Niki Lauda 1977

Born in a well-off family in Austria, Lauda drove for Ferrari, the most extravagant, most impressive group in Formula One. In 1976, Lauda was caught in an accident with his vehicle and endured serious injuries to his head. His wounds were awful to the point that it was assumed that Lauda would not make it. Amazingly, he got back to the track only a month and a half later, showing up with his bandages, and just lost the 1976 title by a point. He proceeded to win the 1977 and 1984 titles.






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