10 Tips to Earn Money Online

10 Tips to Earn Money OnlineCredit: Wandering-bird

​The idea of making money online has become a trending question since 2019, and freelancing as a form of occupation started gaining steam a long time ago.
The so-called “unstable nature” of such income frightens people, who were always making money at 9-5 jobs, from trying it out. But today, with the stories of thousands of people around the world and from Nigeria in particular, we’re able to take advantage of the diversity that the World Wide Web has to offer. For instance, wagering on sports with one of the most advanced Nigerian betting apps — 22bet — can be quite a deal to secure a small additional income. Or alternatively, some side gigs with translations or proofreading can add some extra cash to your pocket. Without any further spoilers, we’d like to invite you to figure out 15 tips to earn money online right now.

Affiliate Marketing

​This phenomenon has been around for a while to realize how effective it can be in terms of side income. Affiliate marketing is all about promoting different companies, accounts, and even brands on the Internet. It may appear pretty ineffective at the beginning, but once you have the entire net of various products that you are promoting, you’ll see that the more time you put into the development, the greater the payoff affects your wallet.


​Stop processing right now because blogging can be profitable, despite all the rumors around it. There are a lot of professional platforms for starting and promoting your blog, which can be focused on something that’s truly one of your interests. Let’s say, sports, cooking, gym, betting, or even gardening. Once you reach a decent number of views, you can start selling ads, guest posts, mentions, and reviews. Give this idea a thought if you have a passion for writing.


​No matter what giant AI companies say, machine translation can’t really take the place of a human and keep the same quality. If you know more than one language, it’s already a good spot to start. Specialized services post tons of tasks on a daily basis, and you can start making money right away. The bright side here is your experience: with higher ratings and quality, you can increase the prices and start gaining more cash each week.

Sports Betting

​This is a hobby that can take you far if you have valuable expertise in any kind of sport. You’re never limited in terms of winnings, and the sky’s the limit when you are aware of what can really happen during the match. As for 2022, Nigeria is known for its large number of high-quality bookmaking companies, and with in-depth preparation, you can easily make a tangible sum of cash.

Sports Tipster

​The occupation of a sports tipster is significantly connected to sports betting. Why would you only bet when you can help inexperienced punters with your predictions and gain some points for your karma and money? If you are keen to try it out, find a suitable platform for posting your predictions. Tipstrr is one of the most advanced services in this field. Check it out.


​That’s one of the most attractive side gigs since it’s simple to compare tutoring with the typical job of a teacher. You’re in charge of your timetable and it’s only up to you to decide how many hours you’re ready to dedicate. And each student will bring an additional portion of cash that you can add to your moneybox. You will be very much in demand as a tutor if you have knowledge of a narrow applied area, such as higher mathematics, physics, or languages.


​Blogging and YouTube are somewhere in the same club, with the only difference being the way they reach people: written or spoken. The passion of making and editing videos can bring you lots of viewers if the content is relevant and entertaining. Everybody loves cats, dogs, laughing, and listening to stories. Although it’s worth noting that YouTube requires much more effort and will pay off relatively later than most of the other ideas on the list.

Online Assistance

​Here you also have the option not to start something new on the Internet on your own, but to join somebody who’s already in business and become a virtual assistant. Since more and more small companies are getting rid of their land-offices, the popularity of a career as an online assistant is growing exponentially. And it doesn’t have to be a full-time job; you are able to find a role for 2-3 hours per week and still guarantee some extra income.

Professional Photographer

​Yep, this occupation does not really fit in with online money-making, but here’s the point. If you are a fan of photography, you can easily start making more money by selling your pictures on online auction sites. You can walk around the city and shoot everything for free. Then, after a couple of minutes in Photoshop, and voila, you can upload your picture to a special service, like iStock Photos or Getty Images, and sell the rights to use your product. It’s a brilliant idea to pick up because eventually you can immerse this job into a full-time offline occupation by offering professional photo shoots for an affordable charge.

Freelance Designer

​Last but not least, comes one more creative idea. If you are decent enough to work in Photoshop or Figma, or if you’re ready to learn it, you can start taking some side jobs on the platforms for ordering pictures, illustrations, small designs, and sketches. And yet again, the greater the portfolio you have to show, the higher the price that can be placed on your account. Eventually, you can join an entirely design-dedicated online firm or even open up your own.


​As you can see, the epoch of the Internet opens many new doors that were previously locked. If you have some special skills to take advantage of, you can start making money without leaving your own apartment. And there’s nothing wrong with it. A full-time job at the office can be pretty exhausting and irritating. Focus on your strengths and do not forget that our list is just a drop in the ocean of possibilities that you can find online.

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