The Home Team Advantage, Not a Myth

The Home Team Advantage, Not a Myth

Sworn fans of soccer know a simple truth – the home team advantage is not a myth. It helps tilts the points in the team that has scored the most points away, sure, but still playing under the cheers of the home crowd gives teams remarkable fortitude.

Whether you believe in the home team advantage or not, it’s there. There are objective reasons that make the away team face some tougher challenges when trying to make their mark in a game of soccer.


First, travel time is definitely not to be taken lightly. The team that has to travel to the home team’s venue is usually less prepared due to disrupted sleep patterns, uncomfortable travel time and more.


Once at the home team’s venue, the away team also gets fewer hours and days to prepare – and more importantly rest. Often, that’s just hours and a lot has to be figured out on the field. Yet, many teams are okay being an away team. This is specifically the case when it comes to teams that aren’t matched skill-wise.


Manchester City’s recent defeated Watford in the English Premier League with the gut-wrenching 8-0. If you know anything about football betting, you would never have placed your wagers on Watford.


But what’s the reason? Is it the fact that Watford is the away team? I don’t think so. Rather, it has to do with the skill levels of both teams. When you bet on football at established bookmakers such as, you immediately can tell judging by the odds alone, what bets are wise and what aren’t.


In the case of Watford, the odds would have returned a £20 in net profit for every £1 you wagered. This is what we call long, long odds indeed.


So, while the away team advantage is definitely not to be overblown, the skill level of individual teams matters. You have all had that one long journey – whether that was going on a holiday or something else. Well, did you feel like going right into a training session and then jumping into a game just hours after?


The most likely answer is – no, and there’s a good reason for that. You were away, you couldn’t prepare.

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