Who Made The List of Football Top Scorer 2020?

Who Made The List of Football Top Scorer 2020?

The 2020 season had trying challenges for football leagues, but certain ace performers still made the list of footballer top scorer for 2020.

History does not always repeat itself, at least not in relation to football. Managers come and go, players leave on loan while others upgrade their form almost overnight. Punters face these challenges quite often knowing circumstances can change overnight. And these circumstances change more often than we expect, especially with top teams buying and selling players. UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa are popular leagues for sports betting and this year was no different. Unprecedented circumstances brought unexpected performances from key players, some of whom brought their teams up from a long-running slumber


Top Scorers and Their Respective Leagues


Certain players made their mark in domestic leagues as would be expected. These Players, renowned for golden boot awards and enviable football stats, did not make the mark this year. Cristiano Ronaldo or CR7 as he is popularly known, and his nemesis Lionel Messi both accumulated enough goals to stand out in their respective domestic leagues. For Europa and Champions league however, new names made it to this year’s top scoring list.


Top Scorers in Different Leagues for 2020 Season


  • 15 – Robert Landowski is this year’s top scorer with 15 goals under Bayern Munich.
  • 10 – Erling Haaland, the RB Salzburg and Dortmund player comes in at number two with 10 goals for 2019/ 2020.
  • 9 – Serge Gnabry for Bayern Munich falls at number three with nine goals under his belt.

Other players have a combination of team goals to add to their final tally for the year

  • 9 – Romelo Lukaku ties with Gnabry, tallying goals from Inter Milan, Champions League and the Europa League.
  • 8 – Bruno Fernandez, the Sporting CP, Man United and Europa League player trails Lukaku at number four.
  • 7 – Lautaro Martinez comes in at number five with seven goals to his name, playing in the Europa and Champions League, as well as Inter Milan.


A number of players had an equal number of goals for the 2019/2020 season. Undoubtedly, some of these names should have made it to the list of top ten goal scorers. All players falling under this list scored 6 goals during the 2020 season.

Gabriel Jesus, one of Man City’s top performers, along with Harry Kane, Hotspur’s number one striker, both fell in this list of six goals for the 2020 season. Raheem Sterling, one of Man City’s star players did not make it past the six-goal mark either.


Other players in this list of 6 goals for 2020 include:


  • Diogo Jota – Wolves, Europa League.
  • Memphis Depay – Lyon, Champions League.
  • Dries Mertens – Napoli, Champions League.
  • Alfredo Morelos – Rangers, Europa League.
  • Edin Visca – Instanbul, Europa League.
  • Junior Moraes – Shaktar Donetsk, Champions League and Europa League.

Domestic Leagues Football Top Scorers 2020


For domestic leagues, a few key players made the list of top scorers, managing 20 goals or more during the 2020 season.


Player & Respective Team Tally of Goals
Raheem Sterling – Man City


Francesco Caputo – Sassuolo


Karim Benzema – Real Madrid


Danny Ings – Southampton


Pierre Aubameyang – Arsenal


Romelo Lukaku – Inter Milan


Jamie Vardy – Leicester City


Lionel Messi – Barcelona


Timo Werner – Leipzig


Cristiano Ronaldo – Juventus


Robert Landowski – Bayern Munich


Ciro Immobile – Lazio




With certain revered players not performing at par this year, betters have to up their game in sports betting. As football continues to show us, nothing is predictable in the world’s most popular game.

On that note, here a few pointers to place a wager on a few of your favorite teams. Be you a novice or professional, these tips should guide you informatively into the world of football, sports betting.


Sports Betting Do’s and Don’ts


Sports fanatics with a few pennies to spare usually indulge in gambling with little or no knowledge of what it entails.


  • The most important factor to betting is understanding formatting types for odds. For instance, the most common odds are in decimal form, others use fractions while Americans prefer money – line odds.
  • While understanding odds may come easy, it takes more than numbers to make a good prediction. Understand changes in a team’s performance based on turnaround of players, or managers, is key. One team may play resoundingly well for several seasons and suddenly lose to lower division teams. Knowing what a team is involved in is tantamount to making it big with your wager.
  • Understand home advantage. Certain teams were historically giants to be feared and revered when they hosted games. One of these teams was the red devils, or Manchester United. Some teams rarely, if ever, lose while playing at home. Knowing such facts reduces chances of giving away money on a winnable bet.
  • Lastly, always bet responsibly. If you lose a bet, take notes for your next bets. Do not attempt to make lost money back as soon as possible. Gambling can become a vice if not dealt with maturely, and practiced with in-depth knowledge of the same.



Clearly, the 2020 season did more than leave players disillusioned. Some players never got their mojo back in time to earn top spots in their respective leagues. Gamblers and football fanatics should note the physical form of players as teams return for another Premier League season. Underdogs like Leeds and Crystal Palace challenged Liverpool and Man Utd respectively only recently. Following these teams and their drawbacks/strengths will give any punter much-needed insight for their next wager: ante up





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