Ref Zambrano explain Brazil, Argentina kasala for Copa America

Ref Zambrano explain Brazil, Argentina kasala for Copa America

Referee Roddy Zambrano wey be the man wey dey middle for the Copa America semi-final kasala between Brazil and Argentina  Don come out to carry explain some kine decisions wey im bin take for the gbege after Messi come out to tarsis the way im take perform.

The Ecuadorian referee dey middle wen Brazil kpokpo Argentina  2-0 kondo although e no award wetin be like clear penarity for Argentina on two occasions and e no come use VAR for the two situations.

E confirm say the VAR, wey Conmebol confirm later say bin no dey work well before kick-off  make am decide against overruling any of the calls after e check replays.

Na Messi para pass with the decision wey Zambrano take and  e no waste time to tok im mind give the world after the game, as e claim say the Ecuadorian performance no make sense  and e come still tarsis question the tournament wey e feel say the no dey fair at all.

Zambrano bin samma Messi red card for Argentina third-place play-off win over Chile and dis one come provoke the Barcelona superstar to tok say the tournament dey “corrupt” after the final whistle.


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